Tuesday, 21 November 2017

I hate rain...........

Please make sure that your term reflection sheet are in to me by the end of tomorrow!!!

Le Francais
your rough copy of your good-bye letter is due tomorrow.
Les Sciences Humaines
7s - today I asked you to finish your research on the different branches of anthropology. I have asked you to create a triple Venn diagram which shows how these three branches are similar and different. 
8s - today we looked at the contributing factors to the rise and fall of the Roman empire, focusing on the groups who were partly responsible. 
Les Sciences - today you wrote notes on the metric system and finished off learning about making observations in a Science lab. No extra homework was given. I will be collecting your interactive notebook on Thursday.
Les Maths - today we summarized the four operations with integers, a concept that we will come back to over and over :0) We also talked about the tricks to remember how a number is divisible by 2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11 or 12. You will need these trick for the division we are about to do

Div. 4
today I clarified for you how to fill out the reflection sheets for Science and FSL - looking back on term one and ahead to term two.
I will be collecting your interactive notebook again on Thursday.
You will have a quiz on -er verbs on Tuesday, November 28.

Div. 3
I will see you in class tomorrow. I'm not sure what has been accomplished in my absence :0/
I will be collecting your notebooks on Thursday.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Definitely a Monday!

Well.....it looks like nothing really got done that I wanted to get done, except for Francais.
Yes, your brouillon is due on Wednesday.

Science classes
nothing that I had wanted covered was covered.... we will try again next class :0/

Les Maths
please have questions completed that were handed out in class today and make sure you talk to me at recess if you have questions. I will be away again tomorrow afternoon

Friday, 17 November 2017


Les Maths - we corrected your homework and I then gave you a quiz (I know, I am so nice!!!) I also asked you to do some self reflection about your progress in Math since the beginning of the year. No other homework was assigned.
No other classes with me today (check out previous blog entries for info) - I was happy that you got to hang out outside and have your s'mores, sorry I couldn't be there with you.

Div. 3
Didn't see you today. See you next week.

Div. 4
Today with the TOC you were asked to make observations about various items around the class. When you were done your observations, you were to make actually to make measurements or other qualitative observations on your report sheet. We will look at these findings next class.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

One more day :0)

Today was the second to last exploratory. Next week there will be no exploratories due to early dismissal for parent-teacher interviews.


to celebrate our awesome teamwork to do with our Halloween door, we will have last block to sit around the pit fire to roast marshmallows and make s'mores :0) Bring an extra layer of clothing in case the weather is a little icky.

Les Maths - no class today, but you have homework for tomorrow. Check out yesterday's post for details.
Les Sciences - today you were given back your quizzes and you started to investigate different types of observations (some were clearer to make than others)
Les Sciences Humaines - no extra work given, but I will be collecting your interactive notebooks soon. Make sure that they are up to date. I will give you a collection date soon.
Le francais - I have gathered all of your vocabulary and made a master list (along with vocabulary that I have added too) and I will have you work with these words next class.

Today you got back your quizzes and we briefly discussed the observations that you made last class. We started to write notes on the type of units and measurements used for length, mass, temperature, pressure, volume, and force. The notes will continue next class.

Div. 4
Science - today you wrote your quiz on the Scientific Method and attached the "cheat sheet" that you prepared for the quiz. Remember that the purpose of making the cheat sheet was not for the cheating (well, it wasn't cheating because I asked you to make it and it was in full view), but to help you work through a page of notes to make a summary - this is considered studying!
For those of you who were prepared, I invited you to come and read your French story to me - so proud of how brave you were!!  I will have those marks for you next French class.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Midweek already??

Les Maths - today we practiced strategies to find common factors and smallest common multiple. I have assigned #4, 5, 6 on the worksheet I handed out in class today for Friday.
Les Sciences - You will be getting back your quizzes tomorrow :0)
Les Sciences Humaines - no class today, check out yesterday's entry for details.
Le Francais - This morning you watched a theatrical presentation on the building of the CPR and I asked you to be thinking of two things when you watched it. One: who's perspective is told in this story and two: who's perspective is missing? History is written from the lens of the dominant/victors....
In class I asked you to think about the idea of separation (it could be you being away from someone you care about, you witnessing the separation of people, etc.) and I asked you to write vocabulary in three columns: feelings (looking at nouns in the form of emotions), how those emotions are expressed (verbs) and types of events that could bring along those feelings. I collected what you researched in the more than half hour you were given in class. Disappointingly, not all people used the time wisely and I think I will now put the chrome books on a time out. You will have to do the old fashioned way, the dictionary :0(

Div. 3
today you investigated how qualitative and quantitative observations are actually made. You got to use a variety of instruments to explore. We will look at how this happens a little more formally tomorrow.

Div. 4
I didn't see you today. Remember that your quiz is tomorrow and you will also be reading your story aloud in French too. (busy day!)

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

It felt like a Monday....


Les Maths - today we went over some strategies to find common factors with multiple numbers and I introduced one strategy that uses prime numbers in an expression to find the smallest common multiple. I have left you with finding the common factors and smallest common multiple of 78, 70 and 99. Please have your calculations ready next class (tomorrow).
Les Sciences - today we reviewed and then you wrote a quiz using the post-it cheat sheet I let you bring into class. 
Les Sciences Humaines
7 - today you started to investigate the different variations of anthropology (under the field of your Mars character). You didn't have time to finish, so we will continue next time.
8 - today I asked you about what you remember about the rise and fall of the Roman empire. We watched three videos together (they are here on this blog, if you would like to watch them again). Next class we will look at what was happening in the world during this time in history. There were lots of moving parts and not just one reason why the empire fell.
Le Francais - today I collected you Remembrance Day projects and asked you to identify yourself if you wished to put your project into the competition.

Div. 3
I didn't see you today :0(

Div. 4
FSL - I gave you some class time to practice your books, you will present them next class.
Science - I have asked you to create a cheat sheet on a post-it note. You can bring this post-it into your quiz on Thursday.
1) Ask a testable question/identify a problem
2) Create a hypothesis (an IF and THEN statement)
3) design the experiment (including the materials, procedure, possible precautions)
4) conduct the experiment and record the observations
5) analyse the data
6) draw a conclusion - answer the question at the beginning of your experiment, was your hypothesis correct
7) if your experiment didn't work or your hypothesis wasn't correct, rethink, replan and redo your experiment.

Also what is an independent variable and dependent variable. How are they alike and how are they different.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

One more day and then a long weekend :0)


Les Sciences - today I showed you good scientist/bad scientist to reinforce the steps of a scientific investigation. I have also asked you to make a "cheat sheet" for a quiz that will be coming up on Tuesday (day we get back). You can fit your notes only on the cheat sheet. Include:
the steps in a scientific investigation
1) Ask a question / Identify a problem
2) create a hypothesis (an IF .... THEN..... statement)
3) Plan your experiment - include materials, procedure and precautions
4) do the experiment and make observations (qualitative or quantitative observations)
5) analyse your data
6) make a conclusion ( answer your question, determine if your hypothesis was correct or not)
7) if you judge that there was an error with your experiment - rethink, replan, redo your experiment

Le Francais and Les Sciences Humaines - your remembrance day writing/video is due on November 14.

Les Maths - no extra homework was given - if your multiplication word problem is handed in.

Div. 3
today I showed you good scientist/bad scientist to reinforce the steps of a scientific investigation before your quiz. You wrote your quiz and you handed in your cheat sheet/post-it.

Div. 4
FSL - your children's book is due on Tuesday. My class was open for you to seek help if you needed.
Science - no class today due to the orchestra performance.

I hate rain...........

Please make sure that your term reflection sheet are in to me by the end of tomorrow!!! Le Francais your rough copy of your good-bye le...